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Hi everyone!!^^

Thank you for visiting Duzel's Photo Diary.

This is my first ever journal and pardon for any error and imperfection =D

Basically this journal contains my random thoughts, haha...XD...so there's no specific focus.
But since I love photos, hence every entry will have photos on it. Comments are love!^^

I am also a movie fanatic and enjoy good music and food. I like to watch movie/series, listen to music, and try out food from various countries, particularly from Asian countries. So, if you just watched a cool movie or just tried-out some interesting food, I would love to hear about it.

Once again, thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Cheers c(^_^)o

Azuma Fever Part 2


Azuma Fever


2010 Resolution

Happy Christmas!!!^o^

Christmas Tree in Myer, Pitt St Mall, Sydney.

Can't believe Christmas is almost over...it's just a minute to 26 Dec 2009! Well, here are some pics of xmas tree that I took.
Not the best shot, I have to admit, but still...just want to share it for this occasion.^^

Once again. Happy Xmas everyone! Hope you have a great holiday and wonderful New Year!^_____^
More from MyerCollapse )
Swarovski Tree in QVBCollapse )
MUJI Wooden Xmas TreeCollapse )
Xmas Decorated BusCollapse )

Why So Many Shoes?

Fish Market oh Fish Market~

When you come to Sydney, to go to Fish Market is definitely a MUST!
Here are just a few hints of what you can find there...HERE>>>Collapse )

Orange Flower

Yamapi Love

Tribute To Sis: Part 4 - Yakiniku

Tribute To Sis: Part 4 - Yakiniku

These are the most recent pics of her cooking from 2 days ago. OICHI !!!

YAKINIKU OICHI! >>>Collapse )